Complex Legal Considerations In Truck Accident Claims

The nature of an accident involving any type of commercial truck or 18-wheeler in the Harrisburg area or elsewhere in Pennsylvania makes the process much more complex from the outset. There can be multiple parties that could potentially be held liable for victims' injuries, including drivers, trucking companies, parts suppliers and maintenance companies, among others.

Each of these parties has a lot at stake if they are found to be liable for any type of wrongdoing, and each one carries varying types and levels of insurance. When claims are filed against any one of them, they immediately attempt to place the blame on one of the others, including the victims, in some cases. Determining each party's actual liability in an accident is essential to securing maximum compensation for the victims.

Choose A Qualified Advocate For Your Truck Accident Claim

Having an experienced personal injury attorney handling your truck accident claim can be extremely helpful in the process of obtaining fair compensation for your injuries. At Marzzacco Niven & Associates, we represent injury victims across Pennsylvania in all types of truck accidents.

We conduct thorough investigations to determine exactly how your accident occurred and who was responsible. We work with a talented group of accident reconstructionists, medical specialists, life-planning experts and others who can help us present the most compelling possible case in support of your claim for damages. In every case, our only concern is to see that you receive the best possible outcome.

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