Traffic and Red Light Cameras in Pennsylvania

You just drove through a changing light — trying to scoot through before the light changed to red — and saw a flash as you passed beneath the light. You’ve likely been captured on one of Pennsylvania’s red light cameras. 

These traffic violation detectors are designed to reduce the chances of a dangerous intersection collision without the need for a large police presence to monitor red lights and catch people driving through them.

If you get a ticket for running a red light, you could pay at least a $100 fine. Learn more about red light cameras in Pennsylvania and your options if you’ve received a citation. 

Are Red Light Cameras Legal in Pennsylvania? 

Yes, cities in Pennsylvania may opt to install these cameras at intersections where car accidents are most common. While Harrisburg, PA, does not have any red light cameras, Philadelphia has traffic cameras throughout the city and suburbs. 

If you want to know where traffic cameras are in your area, you can contact your local government and ask which intersections have them. 

What Is the Penalty for Running a Red Light in Pennsylvania? 

You’ll receive a ticket in the mail if you run a red light in Pennsylvania, with a fine of $100. This may not be the only penalty for running a red light. 

If you decide to simply pay the ticket, you will plead guilty, pay the fine, and be on your way. However, you can plead not guilty and challenge the ticket in court, especially if you believe you received it in error or if you let someone else drive your car. 

Will I Get Points on My License for a Red Light Ticket in Pennsylvania? 

Will I Get Points on My License for a Red Light Ticket in Pennsylvania? 

No, if you plead guilty and pay the fine for a Pennsylvania red light camera ticket, you won’t get points on your license. In this way, a red light camera ticket is different from the ticket you would get from a local law enforcement officer for running a red light. 

If a police officer sees you run a red light and pulls you over, you’ll get a citation with a larger fine and points on your license. Even though the type of infraction is the same, the penalty is different. 

You can appeal a ticket you receive from an officer for running a red light, just as you can one you get in the mail. 

How Can I Appeal a Red Light Ticket in Pennsylvania? 

How Can I Appeal a Red Light Ticket in Pennsylvania? 

If you believe you received the ticket unfairly, you can request a hearing to present your case to a traffic court judge. Although you aren’t required to have an attorney in the hearing, having representation can give you the best chance for a positive outcome or even a dismissal. 

You can also appeal a ticket if you get pulled over for running a red light. Hiring a Pennsylvania traffic ticket lawyer for these citations may be more advantageous since these tickets come with higher fines and add points to your license. 

If it’s a second or subsequent violation and there were aggravating circumstances when you were pulled over, like speeding or driving under the influence, your penalties could even include jail time. 

What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Red Light Camera Ticket in Pennsylvania? 

The municipality that issued your red light camera ticket can send it to a collection agency if it’s left unpaid. By the time it goes through collections, you could owe late fees and the collection agency’s own fees, too. That $100 ticket could easily end up costing you several hundred dollars. 

Your best bet with a red light camera ticket is to address it immediately with the help of a skilled traffic ticket lawyer. 

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