Rules of Mosh Pits: How To Stay Safe

A mosh pit is a designated area, typically in front of the stage, where people dance energetically. In fact, “energetically” may be an understatement. Body-slamming with strangers is considered a legitimate form of artistic expression in a mosh pit. It might unnerve you if you… read more

What Are the Symptoms of a Fractured Sternum?

The sternum is the flat, long bone in the chest’s center that forms the front of the rib cage. Cartilage connects the sternum to the ribs to create a protective shield for the lungs, heart, and major blood vessels in the area.  Most fractures to… read more

How Safe Are Motor Scooters in Lancaster, PA?

Motor scooters are becoming more popular in Lancaster and across Pennsylvania. Scooters use less gas and create less pollution than cars. They also cost less to buy and maintain than motorcycles.  While scooters can be a fun way to travel, there are also risks to… read more

Symptoms of a Broken Tailbone 

If you are like most individuals, you may not immediately recognize the difference between general pain at the base of your spine and a broken tailbone. However, being unaware of the symptoms of a broken tailbone can result in you delaying treatment and experiencing needless… read more

Timeline of a Personal Injury Case According to a Personal Injury Lawyer

An injury accident can be a very disruptive event in your life, depending on its severity.  An accident can be particularly infuriating if it was caused by someone else’s misconduct. When this happens, of course, you can file a personal injury claim against the responsible… read more

Understanding Assumption of Risk

Assumption of risk is a defense against liability, typically asserted by a defendant in a personal injury claim. If the defense is successful, the defendant avoids liability even if they caused the victim’s injuries by acting negligently. The assumption of risk defense only works under… read more

Has Your Mirena IUD Moved?

The Mirena IUD (intrauterine device) is an extremely popular form of birth control for women. Because it works well (over 99% effectiveness) and can last up to seven years, it is prescribed frequently by doctors.  While the Mirena IUD can be a great option for… read more

Facts About Road Rash

Car, motorcycle, or truck accidents — any of these could result in painful road rash. Road rash is a common injury experienced after a collision. It requires immediate care, as it could lead to serious complications and have life-changing consequences.  After suffering road rash, do… read more

How Long Does it Take to Get A Personal Injury Settlement Check

Personal injury settlement checks are not processed until you reach a settlement with the insurance company or at-fault party. After that, it could take several weeks to receive your money for a personal injury claim.  Unfortunately, some personal injury cases take longer to settle. That… read more

Personal Injury Settlement Breakdown: How Much Goes in My Pocket?

You’ve probably seen the headlines before: “John Doe Wins $10,000,000 in Truck Accident Claim.” But how much of that $10 million actually went into John Doe’s bank account? Below is an explanation of how things really work. The process includes some flexibility – you might… read more

How to Write a Settlement Demand Letter

Injury victims resolve most personal injury claims via out-of-court settlement negotiations rather than litigation and trial. One of the first steps in securing a settlement is to send a settlement demand letter to the opposing party. The opposing party is the party who will pay… read more

Many Accidents Can Cause Herniated Discs at C4/C5 or C5/C6. Here’s What You Need to Know

Herniated discs can cause life-altering injuries, including chronic back or neck pain and partial disability, and may even require surgery. Even without invasive spinal surgery, a herniated disc — caused by many kinds of accidents — can seriously impact your quality of life. Vehicle accidents,… read more

3 Elements of Standing to Sue

Pennsylvania courts are not open to anyone who has a grievance. To gain access to Pennsylvania courts for a lawsuit, you must first show that you have “standing to sue”. This is what gets you into court. You still have to win your case once… read more

Valsartan Lawsuit

Valsartan is medication doctors commonly prescribe to treat high blood pressure. Unfortunately, the FDA has identified that certain makers of this drug have failed to engage in safe manufacturing practices. This has resulted in some batches of Valsartan being contaminated with nitrosodimethylamine. Nitrosodimethylamine is a… read more

4 Reasons Why a Personal Injury Lawyer Will Not Take Your Case

If another party injures you due to negligence, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries and damages. A personal injury lawyer can help you file a personal injury claim or lawsuit to this end. Injury lawyers will investigate your claim to gather… read more

What Exactly Can a Process Server Do to Serve Papers?

The role of the process server is essential in many legal proceedings. Process servers ensure that court papers are served in a timely and correct manner. Many types of legal situations require the use of a process server. For example, process servers are often used… read more

How Much Does a Lawyer Cost in Pennsylvania?

Hopefully, you will never be injured in an avoidable accident. However, everyone faces a risk of an accident, no matter how cautious they are.  Examples include the following: Being injured in such an accident will likely leave you with costly medical bills. You might also… read more

How are Pain and Suffering Damages Calculated?

You can seek pain and suffering damages as part of a Pennsylvania personal injury lawsuit. Physical pain and suffering damages compensate you for the actual pain and suffering you’ve felt and continue to feel after your accident. Emotional pain and suffering damages compensate you for… read more

What to Wear to Court in Pennsylvania

It’s important to put care into your appearance when you’re called to appear in court. Dressing properly shows respect for the court and legal proceedings.  In some courtrooms, you may be prevented from entering if you do not compy with the dress code. Knowing how… read more

Tattoo Infections: Why They Happen and Who Might Be Liable If You’re Injured

More than a third of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 have at least one tattoo. People young and old visit tattoo parlors for many reasons. It can be a means of self-expression, a way to participate in cultural or religious traditions, or… read more

What Kind of Lawyers Get Paid the Most?

A lawyer’s salary depends on many factors, including their practice area. Other relevant variables include the lawyer’s employer, experience level, and location. The average lawyer’s salary is about $127,000 per year. This places lawyers in the upper end of the middle class. By comparison, doctors… read more

Attorney-Client Privilege: What Is It and How Will it Affect My Personal Injury Case in Pennsylvania?

When you are involved in a legal proceeding, you may be concerned about the security of your private information. In personal injury claims, the plaintiff may need to provide medical and financial documents. Most people have heard of attorney-client privilege, but the average person might… read more

9 Things You Should Know About a Free Lawyer Consultation

If you have sustained an injury, you may wonder whether you should consult an attorney. If you have been in a trip and fall accident, medical malpractice incident, a car accident, or other accident, a legal professional can help. Most accident attorneys provide new clients… read more