4 Types of Brain Injuries And 3 Levels of Severity

If you or a loved one have been in an accident and suffered a brain injury, you know that the after-effects can be life-changing and even catastrophic

Depending on the type of brain injury and severity, the victim may not be able to work or go about life as usual. More extreme cases may require accommodations and treatment in a nursing home, as the victim may not be able to care for themselves independently.

There are four main categories of brain injuries and three levels of severity, determining the treatment course and whether the victim will recover fully.

4 Types of Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when the head suffers a violent blow, forcing the brain to hit against the side of the skull and resulting in bruising and swelling, bleeding, and even tearing of brain tissue.

TBIs include:

1. Concussions 

Concussions are caused by an impact on the head and can cause memory issues and difficulty concentrating. Multiple concussions can cause serious brain damage.

2. Brain Contusions

A brain contusion is bruising of the brain tissue caused by an impact on the head. It can cause brain damage, brain bleeding, swelling, and damage to the brain on the opposite side of the head from the impact.

3. Penetrating Brain Injuries 

In penetrating brain injuries, an object penetrates the brain, causing different types of damage depending on which part of the brain was affected.

4. Anoxic Brain Injuries

Anoxic brain injuries occur due to a lack of oxygen to the brain. This indirect injury results from excessive blood loss during an accident. Brain cells begin to die, resulting in permanent brain damage.

Many accident victims may not realize they have a head or brain injury after the incident, chalking up their feelings of disorientation or a headache to “just being shaken up.” However, if you’ve hit your head in any type of accident, always seek medical attention. The earlier a brain injury is found, the more effective treatment can be.

3 Levels of Brain Injury Severity

Brain injuries are classified into three levels of severity. However, not everyone experiences the same symptoms of a particular injury. Furthermore, brain injuries can be complicated to treat, so it’s important to follow your doctor’s orders, including resting and reducing stress completely.

1. Mild Injury

In a mild injury, if the victim loses consciousness, it is only for a few minutes, if at all. They may be confused and disoriented or have trouble focusing or answering questions. 

Although some medical tests may not reveal actual damage to the brain, a doctor’s assessment is necessary to check the victim’s mental function and diagnose a concussion or TBI.

2. Moderate Injury

Moderate brain injuries include a loss of consciousness that can last up to a few hours. The confusion and difficulty concentrating or disorientation can last several weeks, with the victim’s abilities waxing and waning as the brain heals. 

However, moderate brain injury damage can be permanent and include behavioral, cognitive, or physical changes to the victim. Rehabilitation and intensive treatment are necessary.

3. Severe Injury

Crushing blows, violent impacts, and skull penetration are the main causes of serious brain injuries. Serious brain injuries may be life-threatening and often damage the victim permanently. 

Victims can rarely make a full recovery and lead the life they did before the accident. Many may be unable to master motor coordination or have the cognitive ability to care for themselves independently. Families may become caretakers or need to place their loved ones in a dedicated memory care facility for treatment and care.

Brain Injuries Can Have Serious Repercussions 

Don’t dismiss a head injury after an accident. Always receive medical attention to diagnose a possible brain injury.

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