Rules of Mosh Pits: How To Stay Safe

A mosh pit is a designated area, typically in front of the stage, where people dance energetically. In fact, “energetically” may be an understatement. Body-slamming with strangers is considered a legitimate form of artistic expression in a mosh pit. It might unnerve you if you are at one and don’t know what to expect.

Watch for a While Before You Dive In

Mosh pits can have different vibes and rules for different crowds and types of music. Watch what’s happening for a few minutes before you decide to participate. 

Can you handle what’s going on in there? You might consider standing on the edge of the pit to watch the action close up right before you dive in.

Don’t Enter the Pit if You’re Too Intoxicated To Handle Yourself There

There are going to be a lot of intoxicated people in the pit. In fact, you might find yourself drenched with beer by the time you exit. You can’t control what anyone else does; just watch what you do and make sure you’re sober enough to protect yourself from getting hurt or hurting others. 

Once inside the pit, use your previous observations to go with the flow and avoid violent collisions. 

Keep Yourself Well-Hydrated

Drink plenty of water before you even enter the pit. Keep yourself periodically hydrated thereafter. You could end up with heat exhaustion if you dance hard enough, especially if you’re outside on a hot day. Another danger is the consumption of amphetamines, legal or illegal, while dancing vigorously with little water intake. People occasionally die that way.

Don’t throw water bottles around the mosh pit. Some people do it from time to time, and some people get injured that way. It’s also how fights break out (very occasionally). Beware, however, that even if water bottles aren’t flying around, water itself might be. 

Wear the Right Clothes

Wear sturdy shoes that can protect your feet if they get stepped on by someone bigger than you are. Wear clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting torn–because there is a very strong likelihood of that. Avoid bringing glasses, necklaces, and other similar items into the pit.

Respect Security and Follow Their Lead

Security personnel do a dangerous job for low pay. Respect them and follow their directives. Ultimately, they’re just trying to keep everyone safe. Make it easy for them. And never, ever pick a fight with security because you’ll probably lose.

If Someone Falls, Help Them Up

This is a universal rule of mosh pit etiquette. It’s also common human decency. If you fall, the odds are good that someone will help you up.

Protect Your Head Ii Necessary

If things get too wild in there, use your forearms to shield your head and face. This won’t be necessary in every mosh pit, but some of them tend to get out of control some of the time.

Never Drag Anyone Into the Pit

Due to the dangers of moshing, it is strictly a voluntary activity. Dragging or pushing someone into the pit is absolutely unacceptable, and it could get you into trouble with security.

Be Careful Around People Much Bigger or Much Smaller Than You

The reason for this rule might become obvious to you only after a mishap. With people body-slamming into each other, you could get hurt by slamming into someone twice your size. Likewise, you could hurt someone half your size. 

Pursuing a personal injury claim over an injury in a mosh pit can be more difficult than pursuing a personal injury claim based on an injury you sustained in some other venue. Once you enter a mosh pit, the likelihood of an ‘assumption of risk,’ ‘contributory fault,’ or consent defense becomes exponentially more likely than it would in other venues. 

Still, sometimes people go too far (think ‘intentional tort’ here), which means you might still have a viable Pennsylvania personal injury claim.

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