Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in York, PA

Statistically, York, PA, has an average number of car accidents. York County accounts for about 3.5% of Pennsylvania’s population. And York County has about 3.8% of Pennsylvania’s traffic accidents

In 2020, York County had only 2.5% of the state’s fatal accidents, which means that the accidents in York County tended to have less severe outcomes than they do in other parts of the state.

The crashes in York city tend to center around a few roads and intersections. From 2005 to 2019, just eight roads accounted for 13 of the fatalities within the York city limits. Just outside of York city, three more roads add about 40 deaths and hundreds of injuries to York County’s traffic statistics.

Here is some information on the most dangerous roads and intersections in York, PA, along with some tips on how you can use this information to improve your safety on the roads.

Traffic Accidents in York, PA

Traffic Accidents in York, PA

York County has the eighth largest population among Pennsylvania’s counties. In line with its population, it has the ninth highest number of traffic accidents out of all of the counties in Pennsylvania.

In 2020, York County had 3,972 traffic accidents. According to PENNDOT, 2,435 accidents in York County caused property damage only. Of the remaining accidents, 1,510 resulted in injuries, and 27 caused at least one death.

In 2020, York County also saw five fatal pedestrian accidents and 69 injured pedestrians.

Accidents Within York City Limits

Typically, accidents within York happen on the major state highways entering and exiting the city and busy commercial roads. Some of the most dangerous roads and intersections in York include:

East Market Street/PA-462

East Market Street/PA-462 is one of York’s busiest roads. The section between S. Harrison Street and Mount Zion Road sees heavy traffic and a lot of accidents. PENNDOT has listed this segment of East Market Street/PA-462 among the most dangerous in the state.

Through the city center, Market Street is a one-way street. But east of S. Harrison Street, East Market Street becomes a four-lane highway with two lanes in each direction. East Market Street faces heavy traffic as it passes through East York into Springettsbury.

At many times of the day, cars face gridlock on this road. Rear-end accidents can happen when impatient drivers drive too fast for traffic conditions. Left-turn accidents happen on this road when drivers run through yellow lights rather than yield to vehicles waiting to turn.

This stretch of road sees over 150 car accidents every year. On average, these accidents cause one fatality, ten catastrophic injuries, and 30 minor injuries each year.

Outside of the city limits, Market Street is just as dangerous. From West York to Springettsbury, seven fatal accidents and hundreds of injury-only accidents have happened on Market Street over the past fifteen years.

I-83 BUS/George Street

I-83 BUS/George Street provides a major north-south route through York. As I-83 heads east around York, I-83 BUS/George Street provides access to York for travelers exiting the interstate.

As it passes through the center of York, I-83 BUS/George Street is a two-lane road with no center turn lane. The posted speed limit is 35 miles per hour. But during rush hour, cars can sit bumper to bumper on this narrow road.

Over the past fifteen years, this road has had two fatal accidents and dozens of injury-only accidents within the York city limits. Outside of the city, four more fatal accidents and dozens of injury-only accidents have happened on the one-mile stretch of I-83 BUS/George Street that passes through North York. 

Taking into account the high number of accidents over such a short distance, this road is easily the most dangerous one in North York.

US-30/Loucks Road

Only a tiny section of US-30/Loucks Road passes through York’s city limits. But this small segment of highway has seen three fatal accidents and over 50 injury-only accidents.

This section of US-30/Loucks Road is a divided six-lane highway. It has several intersections where traffic crosses the highway. These intersections pose a danger for both the traffic on the highway and the cross-traffic. One of the traffic deaths on US-30/Loucks Road happened at the intersection with Roosevelt Avenue.

The posted speed limit on US-30/Loucks Road section is 40 miles per hour. During rush hour, traffic will prevent you from hitting this speed. But during less busy times of the day, the wide road can tempt drivers to speed on this road.

Sherman Street/PA-1033

Sherman Street/PA-1033 is a busy road that runs northeast from the city. The speed limit on this two-lane undivided road is 25 miles per hour in the city. The speed limit increases to 35 miles per hour as it leaves town. Despite this low speed limit, this road had three fatal accidents and many more injury-only accidents over the past 15 years.

Accidents Outside York’s City Limits

Three dangerous roads lay just outside of York’s city limits, including:


I-83 does not run through York city. Instead, it runs through East York and North York. Like any interstate, it sees a lot of accidents. However, the stretch of I-83 surrounding York is particularly dangerous. Over the past 15 years, it has seen 12 fatal car accidents and nearly 200 injury-only accidents.


As mentioned previously, only a small stretch of US-30 passes through York’s city limits. But US-30 provides a vital east-west route for travelers and commuters. East of York, six fatal accidents have happened on US-30 since 2005. The west segment fares no better, as it was the site of three fatal accidents over the same period of time.

Queen Street/PA-74

Queen Street/PA-74 had two fatal accidents and many injury-only accidents within the city limits. But Queen Street/PA-74 has a much more dangerous record south of York. In the past 15 years, Queen Street/PA-74 has seen four fatal accidents. Three of these deaths happened where Queen Street/PA-74, Springwood Road, and Hollywood Drive intersect.

Navigating the Most Dangerous Road and Intersections in York, PA

Most of the accidents in York result from three driver behaviors:

You might not be able to avoid the most dangerous roads and intersections in York, but you can avoid these dangerous habits. Slowing down, ignoring your phone, and taking care as you drive just might keep you from becoming a casualty of York’s most dangerous roads and intersections. To discuss your accident on York’s roads and intersections, contact Marzzacco Niven & Associates at (717) 995-8998 for a free consultation.