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The jobs that are most likely to leave you with a back injury

One statistic, published by the Bureau of Labor (BOL) in 2003 estimated that nearly four and a half million workers suffered non-fatal workplace injuries that year. Of those, just under a quarter of them were back-related ones.

Those workers most vulnerable to suffering from musculoskeletal disease include those who work in physically demanding industries or ones where they’re required to maintain an abnormal posture for some time. Any employee that is forced to engage in heavy lifting, works on a moving surface, or is required to stoop or turn around repetitively during the course of the day are also at risk for back injuries.

Among the workers with the highest risk of injury, there are medical professionals and those employed in the construction industry. Medical personnel like surgeons or dentists are often required to spend prolonged periods of time with their bodies in unnatural positions hovering over the bodies of their patients. This can cause significant strain to both their necks and backs.

Those who work in nursing or patient care are at risk for suffering back injuries as well. These types of workers are most susceptible to this type of injury when attempting to move patients. In fact, one BOL statistic suggests that at least 80 percent of these workers’ injuries is caused by this.

Those working in construction are particularly vulnerable to back injuries for much the same reason warehouse workers and even landscapers are.

Both construction and warehouse workers are constantly tasked with picking up and carrying heavy objects. Builders and gardeners share similarities in that they engage in repetitive movements to include stooping and bending. All of this can cause significant wear and tear on an individual’s neck and back.

Construction workers are doubly at risk if they traditionally find themselves standing on either ladders or scaffolds as they work on multi-story buildings. In this case, workers are particularly vulnerable to falling. One of the more common injuries a worker might suffer if this happens is a spinal cord injury.

If you work in a high-risk industry and you’ve been injured on the job, a Dauphin, Pennsylvania, workers’ compensation attorney can advise you of your right to file a claim in your injury case.

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