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How to avoid frostbite when working outdoors in Pennsylvania

Even though the temperatures have dropped significantly in Pennsylvania, it doesn’t mean that all outdoor projects will be put on hold. Construction crews will still operate, postal carriers will still deliver mail and emergency services personnel will still respond to incidents. All of these professions and more will still have to endure the elements during the winter months in Pennsylvania, so here are some tips for avoiding frostbite if you have to work outdoors.

Dress in layers that are loose. You want to have a layer of clothing closest to your body that pulls moisture away from your body. Cover that layer with a layer of wool to help keep the body heat close to your body.

Make sure you wear two pairs of socks to prevent your toes from suffering frostbite. It doesn’t take long to develop frostbite when working outdoors. Some people even develop this workplace illness within a couple of minutes of being outside.

Cover as much of your skin as possible, including your hands and face. Wear a winter mask that covers everything but your eyes. Don’t forget gloves too. You don’t necessarily have to wear winter gloves, especially if you are working on a construction site, but gloves of any kind will help protect your hands.

Try to move about as much as possible when working outdoors. The longer you stand still, the more likely it is that you will develop frostbite. Moving around keeps your blood flowing and will keep you warm.

Working outdoors in the winter can be brutal. Even if you are only outside for an hour or so you can develop frostbite. Make sure you follow the tips outlined here so you do not have to be treated for frostbite.


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