Has Your Mirena IUD Moved?

The Mirena IUD (intrauterine device) is an extremely popular form of birth control for women. Because it works well (over 99% effectiveness) and can last up to seven years, it is prescribed frequently by doctors. 

While the Mirena IUD can be a great option for many women, some have reported that the IUD has moved internally or fallen out entirely. This can lead to a variety of problems and complications. The resulting issues could be serious enough to warrant filing a legal action, perhaps for product liability or medical malpractice.

What Can Cause the Mirena IUD To Move?

The Mirena IUD can shift or move slightly within your uterus. It can happen in the initial period after it is inserted and during a woman’s menstrual cycle. Another cause of movement could be that the IUD was inserted improperly. 

Other causes of IUD movement could be intense cramping during your menses or having a tilted uterus or a uterine cavity that is on the smaller side. Whether you are breastfeeding, the IUD was put in not long after you gave birth, or you are younger than 20 years old can also be factors in causing the Mirena IUD to move. 

The chances that your IUD has actually moved are not high. However, it’s still beneficial to be aware of the many risk factors that could cause it to shift. 

How Can You Tell If Your Mirena IUD Has Moved?

Most women can tell if their Mirena IUD has shifted or moved. It’s wise to check the strings of the IUD every month after your menstrual cycle. You want to ensure that you can feel the device’s strings while also being careful not to pull on them. If you can’t feel them or feel something else like plastic, you should call your doctor. 

There are other symptoms that you may experience which could indicate movement. These include bleeding between menstrual cycles, heavier bleeding during menses, pain in the lower abdomen, and excessive cramping. 

If you have any concerns that your IUD has moved, do not try to put it back in place by yourself. Contact your physician for assistance.

What Can Happen When the Mirena IUD Moves?

The main benefit of using an IUD is to prevent pregnancy. If you are concerned that it moved or shifted, your doctor will most likely recommend that you use another form of contraception until the IUD’s placement can be corrected. 

In addition to pregnancy, an IUD that has moved can cause chronic pain, serious infections, and in some cases, a perforated bowel. 

Even if your symptoms don’t go beyond a feeling that something isn’t right, you’ll want to consult a doctor as soon as you can to prevent more serious consequences. 

Hopefully, if your IUD has shifted, a trip to the doctor can correct it and you can move on with your life. However, sometimes women can incur high medical bills, endure pain and suffering, and have to miss work because of the consequences of a displaced IUD. 

In these situations, it’s smart to consult a personal injury lawyer who has experience with these types of cases. You may be entitled to compensation for your financial and non-financial losses if the doctor was at fault or if the IUD product was defective. 

Consult a Harrisburg Personal Injury Attorney If You’ve Suffered Complications from Your Mirena IUD

The birth control a woman uses is a sensitive and private matter. When an IUD is the preferred method of birth control, a physician and the IUD manufacturer become part of the equation. 

If you have issues with your Mirena IUD and have questions about potential damages, call an experienced personal injury attorney. They will assess the facts of your case and advise you on the best way to pursue compensation. You might have a product liability case if the IUD was defective or a medical malpractice claim if your physician was negligent in inserting it. 

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