Car Inspection Laws in Pennsylvania

Each year in Pennsylvania, there are approximately 115,500 reported vehicular crashes. Car accidents occur for many reasons in Lancaster, PA, but one cause is unsafe cars on the road. For example, a vehicle with faulty brakes can lead to catastrophic injuries. 

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How Marzzacco Niven & Associates Can Help You After a Car Accident in Lancaster, PA

How Marzzacco Niven & Associates Can Help You After a Car Accident in Lancaster, PA

Suffering injuries, property damage, and trauma because of a car accident that someone else caused can be devastating. You may not know what your options are or what you should do next. Fortunately, Marzzacco Niven & Associates can help. Our team of experienced Lancaster personal injury lawyers is here to offer the guidance you need. 

We can provide services such as:

  • Assessing your claim 
  • Gathering evidence to help prove the claim
  • Negotiating with insurance companies
  • Filing a lawsuit and taking your case to court if necessary

Our dedicated and hardworking team of lawyers has 120 years of combined experience dealing with all types of accidents in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Turn to our Lancaster car accident attorneys to have the chance to get the compensation you deserve to cover medical bills and more. 

What Are the Car Inspection Laws in Pennsylvania?

When you buy a car — either used or new — you know that you’ll need to regularly monitor the tires, oil, transmission, and more. What many people in Pennsylvania don’t realize, however, is that the state requires regular safety inspections to ensure the car is safe enough to be on the road. 

Under state law, you need to have the car immediately inspected after you register it. You only have ten days to do so. The car then has to pass an inspection every year. Vehicles are separated into different classes, with most drivers falling into the passenger vehicle category. 

For that category, the inspection will check:

  • Suspension
  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Mirrors
  • Chassis
  • Horn
  • Lighting systems
  • Wipers
  • Defrosters
  • Fuel systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Steering

You will have to pay a fee for the inspection, which must take place at an official PennDOT Inspection Station. People who are new to Pennsylvania need to have their vehicles inspected when they move into the state. 

When it’s time to schedule a safety inspection, make sure to bring a copy of your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and vehicle VIN. If your car passes the inspection, it gets a sticker that goes on the windshield.

How Unsafe Cars Can Cause Accidents

A car that is unsafe to be on the roads can cause severe accidents. Two of the most crucial areas of a vehicle to keep in good condition are the brakes and tires. If the car’s brakes are damaged or not maintained as they need to be, they can easily lead to rear-end collisions and T-bone crashes if the driver can’t stop in time.  

Having tires that don’t have sufficient tread or that aren’t inflated correctly can lead the car to get out of the driver’s control. This could be much worse if the roads are slick with rain. 

Drivers must be able to communicate with others on the road via the use of headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. If these aren’t in working order, others won’t know what the driver intends to do, leading to collisions. To help prevent fires and overheating that can bring a car to a stop in the middle of the road, drivers also need to perform oil changes and fluid checks. 

What To Do After a Car Accident With an Unsafe Vehicle

You need to ensure you’re safe before anything else. Check your body for injuries. If you hit your head, are actively bleeding, or feel significant pain, don’t try to move. Instead, call emergency services and the police.

Allow EMTs to assess you, even if you weren’t the one who called them to the scene. They will be able to better check you for injuries like concussions, internal bleeding, and more. 

You want to talk with the police and offer a clear picture of what happened, but do not place blame on anyone, including yourself. Instead, focus on the facts. Keep this same advice in mind when you exchange information with the other party. 

If you can do so safely, get pictures of the accident. Take photos of the cars, your injuries, and anything else that might help prove your claim. The very next step you should take is to reach out to a car accident lawyer in Lancaster for assistance. 

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