How Are Workers' Compensation Settlements Valued?

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The Value Of Your Case Depends On Many Factors

Settlements are quite complicated. One of the most important factors is the wage that you were making at the time you suffered your workplace injury. This is known as the average weekly wage. Your compensation rate is calculated off of this, and it is arguably the single most important aspect of valuation.

However, many other factors do play into the valuation process. Here are a few of those other factors:

  • How long you have been injured
  • Whether your work restrictions are permanent or not
  • How likely it is that your ability to earn income will be affected, and for how long
  • Your employment skills
  • The nature of the injury
  • Your age, and how many more years you have until retirement
  • Which workers' compensation judge you get
  • How supportive your doctor is

Do I Get More Money If I Suffered Multiple Injuries?

Many people believe that having multiple body parts injured ought to increase the value of their cases. This is not true. Pennsylvania simply looks at wage loss. If you were prevented from working for any reason — whether you injured your thumb or were completely paralyzed — it is enough to qualify you for benefits.

Note: In every workers' compensation case, it is very important to have a supportive doctor. It is equally important to comply with the treatment your doctor suggests and to continue that treatment for as long as necessary.

Can I Get Social Security Disability And Workers' Comp Benefits?

If you are also seeking Social Security Disability benefits, you need to make sure there is language in your workers' compensation settlement agreement prior to the judge approving it that will protect you financially. When workers' compensation and Social Security Disability come into play at the same time, you may face complications. Don't accept a settlement until you have discussed this issue with a competent attorney.

Also, you need to let Social Security know what you are receiving in terms of workers' compensation benefits. Social Security does take an offset, which means that your Social Security benefits may be temporarily reduced, but your workers' compensation benefits stay the same.

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