Workers’ Compensation Mileage/Parking Reimbursement in Pennsylvania

Most people in Harrisburg, PA, understand that workers’ compensation benefits pay for medical treatment after a work injury. Injured workers can also receive compensation for lost wages if they cannot work after a workplace injury. However, injured employees might also qualify for reimbursement for expenses incurred because of a work-related accident.

The Harrisburg workers’ compensation lawyers of Marzzacco Niven & Associates have over 120 years of combined legal experience representing injured victims. Our legal team works to help injured employees receive all workers’ comp benefits they are entitled to by law. 

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How Our Harrisburg Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Help You After a Workplace Accident 

How Our Harrisburg Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Help You After a Workplace Accident

Workers’ compensation insurance is a no-fault system. Therefore, injured employees should receive the benefits they are entitled to by law if they are covered by workers’ comp insurance. 

However, insurance companies and employees might try to cheat workers out of their workers’ comp benefits, especially when the injured worker is not aware they can receive specific benefits. At Marzzacco Niven & Associates, we work to change that.

When you hire our award-winning Harrisburg workers’ comp attorneys, you can expect us to:

  • Explain the workers’ compensation system and your right to benefits after a work injury
  • Investigate the cause of your workplace injury to determine all sources of compensation available
  • Work with your physicians to determine and document the extent of your injuries 
  • Document your damages to calculate how much your workers’ comp case is worth
  • Hire expert witnesses to assist with your case as necessary
  • Negotiate a workers’ compensation settlement
  • File appeals of workers’ compensation denials
  • Represent you at workers’ compensation hearings and in court

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Does Workers’ Compensation Reimburse Injured Workers for Their Mileage and Parking Fees?

In some cases, an injured worker might receive mileage reimbursement for travel to and from medical appointments. However, the reimbursement may only be available if the worker must travel outside the geographical area where the worker resides to receive treatment. Generally, the medical provider must be 100 miles or more away from the employee’s home to qualify for reimbursement. 

For example, let’s say that the workers’ compensation insurance company or the employer does not include a doctor on the panel list of approved healthcare providers that is close to the employee’s home. Because the employee must see one of the approved doctors for the first 90 days, the employee might be entitled to mileage reimbursement. 

However, suppose the employee changes doctors after the initial 90 days. For example, they choose a doctor beyond their residence’s geographical area. In that case, the employee might not be eligible for mileage and parking fee reimbursement. 

On the other hand, suppose that the only doctor with the expertise to treat the worker’s condition is located an hour from the worker’s home. The worker might argue that they had no choice but to travel a great distance for treatment. Therefore, they believe they should receive mileage and parking reimbursement. 

Ultimately, the workers’ comp insurance company and the employer can approve or deny requests for mileage and parking reimbursement. If you believe they denied your request without justification, you can discuss your case with a Harrisburg workers’ comp lawyer. 

An exception exists for travel expenses to and from an independent medical examination (IME). An IME is a medical exam performed by a doctor chosen by the employer or its workers’ comp insurance provider. The purpose of the IME is to determine the severity of the worker’s injuries.

Because the company requires the IME and chooses the doctor to perform the IME, insurance companies are typically required to reimburse the employee for travel to and from the IME appointment. The employee must keep detailed records of the exact mileage to the doctor’s office and proof of parking fees, tolls, and other travel expenses paid while traveling to and from the IME.

What Should You Do After a Work Injury in Harrisburg, PA?

Workers’ compensation laws can be confusing and complicated. Because injured workers expect to be treated fairly, they might not question what the insurance provider or employer tells them about their workers’ comp claim. Unfortunately, that could cause the worker to receive less than they are owed for their injury at work. 

Instead of trusting a workers’ compensation insurance company or your employer, talk with a workers’ comp lawyer for free. At Marzzacco Niven & Associates, we offer free consultations for injured workers and their families to receive straightforward, trusted legal counsel about their cases. Our only goal is to protect injured workers and fight for fair treatment after a workplace accident

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