When A Traumatic Event At Work Leads To Stress Injuries

Stress from a traumatic event at work can be as debilitating as a physical injury. Unfortunately, employers often deny workers' compensation benefits for stress-related health conditions.

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When Is Stress Covered By Workers' Compensation?

Everybody deals with a certain amount of stress at work. However, there are certain events that go far beyond the level of stress that a worker ordinarily encounters on the job. Examples include:

  • Being assaulted by a customer or co-worker
  • Witnessing a fatal accident
  • Witnessing a murder
  • Witnessing a devastating injury, such as an amputation
  • Being the victim of a robbery

Our lawyers represent emergency responders, truck drivers, store clerks, nurses and other types of workers who have suffered a debilitating health condition caused by work-related stress. Our goal is to help you obtain the counseling services and lost wage benefits you need to recover.

For More Information About Stress Injuries And Workers' Compensation

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