Attorneys Rebecca Bailey and Chris Marzzacco recently obtained a settlement for the Estate of a man who lost his life in a car collision that happened last summer. The settlement totaled $1,600,000.00.

In the case, the other driver was believed to have run through a stop sign, causing it to t-bone our clients’ car. The driver of our clients’ car survived, but the passenger died at the scene.  Although the cause of the crash was rather clear, the insurance company for the at-fault driver initially raised the defense of contributory negligence—suggesting that perhaps the driver of our clients’ car was driving over the speed limit.  Attorney Bailey’s efforts early in the case to work with Police, the defense lawyer and liability experts was crucial to proving the driver of our car did not cause or contribute to the crash.

After working collaboratively with the defense by openly exchanging evidence in the case, Attorneys Bailey and Marzzacco were then able to conduct very straight-forward, transparent settlement discussions with counsel for the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier. These negotiations resulted in a settlement for the driver’s insurance policy limits.  Efforts to resolve the claim with our clients’ underinsured motorist insurance company were then conducted, and again produced a settlement for the full insurance policy limits.

Marzzacco praised Bailey’s work in the in the case: “Rebecca worked so hard for our clients.  For the driver of our car, who lost her spouse in the crash, she needed to know that she was not responsible for her husband’s death.  Rebecca delivered this closure for her and comforted her and her family throughout the entire duration of the case. It was my pleasure to work with Rebecca on a case of this magnitude.”

The Court approved the settlement via Order signed on May 15, 2024.