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How Workers’ Compensation, SSD, And Unemployment Work Together

For many people who are unable to do their jobs because of a work-related injury, one of the primary concerns is money. Injured workers may be able to draw benefits from among several programs. However, many people do not understand how workers’ compensation, SSD, and unemployment work together or if collecting benefits under one program precludes them from collecting benefits under another.

With Marzzacco Niven & Associates, our entire practice focuses on representing injured and disabled workers throughout Pennsylvania. Our attorneys’ complete knowledge of the various programs available to assist injured workers and the rules that govern them. This experience and results focus allows us to provide innovative solutions that offer the most benefit to our clients.

Workers’ Compensation And Social Security Disability

No Pennsylvania law prevents you from collecting workers’ compensation and SSD benefits at the same time. However, your total level of benefits may not exceed 80% of your average income. Any amount above 80% is typically reduced from your SSD benefit. If you eventually settle your workers’ compensation case, the level of your SSD benefit would increase accordingly. The wording of your workers’ compensation and SSD documents is critical to protecting your interests. If these matters are not handled correctly, it is possible for your entire workers’ compensation settlement to go directly to the U.S. Social Security Administration.

What About Unemployment Benefits?

If you are collecting SSD benefits, you are not eligible to collect unemployment. By seeking unemployment benefits, you are implying that you are capable of doing some type of regular work.

If a dispute over your workers’ compensation benefits exists, resolving the matter could take several months. If you are unable to do your job, but you are physically capable of performing some basic job tasks, applying for unemployment may be a good option while your workers’ compensation case is pending. If you win your workers’ compensation case and receive benefits, the insurance company would receive credit for any money you received through unemployment.

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