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What If I’ve Been Fired?

Have you been fired because you had a work injury?

If your employer has fired you because you were hurt at work, please call Marzzacco Niven & Associates to schedule a free initial consultation. This action is potentially illegal, and we may be able to get your job back, plus money for the time you have missed, or help you receive money to cover the damages caused.

If your employer is giving you a bad reference and preventing you from getting another job, and you had a workers’ compensation injury, this issue may be a separate complaint which could result in money being paid to you.

We do not charge any money upfront, nor do we bill hourly. For employment discrimination cases, we charge 20 percent of what we get for you, with no costs or other fees. If we get nothing for you, you owe nothing.

We understand that you are in a tough spot financially when you have no job-related income. When you turn to us, you can focus on what’s most important. Call us for a free consultation at 717-260-3580.