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Pennsylvania workers’ compensation insurance rates reduced

Workers in Dauphin, Pennsylvania, should be aware that state laws require employers or the employers’ insurance companies to bear the cost of medical and rehabilitative treatment that a worker undergoes as a result of a workplace accident. This is a part of the workers’ compensation benefits program mandated by state law. An employer pays a premium to an insurance company and, in exchange, the insurance company covers the injuries caused to workers due to a workplace accident.

In a recent development, the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance and Department of Labor & Industry announced a 5.15 percent reduction in workers’ compensation premium rates. 2014 was the third consecutive year in which the rates were reduced. According to reports, with this latest reduction, employers in the state may save up to $140 million in compensation insurance costs. Total savings during this three-year period is expected to be about $410 million.

The latest decrease in rates is in the wake of the annual loss cost filing by the Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau and its subsequent approval by the Department of Insurance. However, the decrease will depend on the employer’s risk classification, claims experience and other factors. As a result, it is possible that some employers will not see a decrease at all.

Reports suggest that more than 10,000 workplace safety committees that are certified by the state have been set up in Pennsylvania since 1994; these committees protect almost 1.4 million workers in the state. This news is sure to excite many employers, as well as their employees. Since worker’s compensation can prove to be an essential means of compensation in the event of a workplace or work-related injury, workers, too, may look forward to continuing benefits from their employers.

However, the process of claiming compensation for a work accident remains the same and it may still pose challenges to many workers. Therefore, they may choose to contact an attorney in the event of an accident. With professional help, an injured worker may expect a rightful compensation that will adequately cover his medical expenses, lost wages and rehabilitation costs.

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