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3 ways an attorney can help with your workers’ comp claim

You may not think you need an attorney after you’ve suffered a workplace injury. Your employer has probably given you everything you need to begin your claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Besides, can you really afford legal representation, especially if your injury has left you unable to work?

Regardless of your reasons for not seeking legal help, it would be in your best interest to reconsider your stance. An attorney can help you secure all of the benefits you deserve. If the cost of representation is your major concern, most lawyers will provide workers’ compensation representation on a contingency-fee-basis. This means you will owe your attorney nothing unless they resolve your claim successfully. In addition, state law places a cap on legal fees for workers’ compensation. You don’t have to worry about your attorney walking away with half of your paycheck. Here are three other reasons you should consider hiring an attorney for your workers’ comp case.

1. A lawyer understands how insurance companies operate

Your workers’ compensation claim will probably go through your employer’s insurance provider. The insurance company doesn’t make money by maximizing its settlement offers. If anything, they are likely to offer you a lowball amount.

A workers’ compensation lawyer understands how to negotiate with insurance companies. Your lawyer will understand how much your claim is worth based on the types of injuries you have suffered. Your attorney will help advocate for the amount you need and deserve.

2. Your attorney can provide representation in workers’ comp hearings

Your employer’s insurance company may deny your claim or refuse to budge on a less than acceptable settlement figure. If this happens, you will have to appeal the decision and may be required to attend a workers’ compensation hearing. You can count on the insurance company to have legal representation. You should have legal representation as well. An attorney can help you better prepare and present your case.

3. A lawyer may be able to pursue additional compensation

Any workplace injury claim you have against your employer is limited to workers’ compensation. You can’t sue your employer for additional damages. However, if another party was at least partly to blame for the accident, you may have an additional claim against this party. Your attorney can determine if this might be an option in your situation.

Workplace injuries can mean a long road to recovery. You will want to ensure that you recover all of the benefits to which you’re entitled. A lawyer can be there to represent your interests throughout the legal process.


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